by Christiana Karagiorgi Architects


CK House is located South-West of Cyprus Mediterranean island, where the sea is crystal clear and the sun illuminates the mountains. At a first sight, the house looks like a white volume with rectangular-shaped windows casually located on its surface. In reality, every window represents a view on the external landscape and works as a natural canvas, painting the landscape inside the living spaces.

A villa on three floors, with two outdoor courtyards and a swimming pool hidden from the eyes of the curious.
On entering, you’ll be fascinated by the large wooden and glass staircase that leads to the upper floor. Wood is one of the most recurrent materials in this house interior design, in stark contrast to the cement of the walls and the whiteness of floors and ceilings.
Its use brings a strong warmth and welcome feeling in every environment.

In the living room, Tense Material table stands out in its oak wood version, a lightweight and essential table capable of achieving a large size.
Here, accompanied by Aïku Soft padded chairs, it welcomes up to 10 guests.

In the kitchen, there’s another Tense Material, this time in reconstructed stone, a natural surface recalling the external space.
In this room as well, you can sit on the refined Aïku chairs, in the two-colour version.
The table seems the natural extension of the kitchen snack counter, where Flow Stools meet daily practical requirements.