Daios Cove Resort


This study concerns the redesign of the interior of The Mansion, the 600 sqm.villa which is located at the highest, most prominent point at the Daios Cove Resort in Vathi, Crete, enjoying the most spectacular views of the bay of Vathi.
The Mansion is developed on three levels. The middle level houses the entrance, lounge/living and dining area, a generous space which opens out onto the pool with its unique vista. Also to be found on the middle level is an en suite bedroom, W,C., and utility areas including a kitchen, maid’s room and bathroom. On the upper level are two bedrooms, one of which is the Master Suite and on the lower level is the indoor pool, complete with fully equipped Spa and Gym. Within the project, specific attention was paid to the design of the Master Suite with its en suite bathroom and Spa, as well as the lounge and entrance area with the aim of creating a uniquely relaxing atmosphere, offering a holistic experience to the guests of this high end holiday destination. The bedroom and visually conjoined bathroom has the option of becoming a separate unit through the fabric screens, showing a smooth, fluid continuation within the space. In an effort to make the most of the unforgettable seascape, a corner opening was created, connecting the lounge viewing space of the bedroom. The head of the bed becomes an illuminated wooden feature, inspired by the labyrinth of the Minoan civilization. The lounge adjoins the open space, creating an indoor/outdoor area.
The materials used are white marble, white lacquer, light grey powdered concrete and natural pale wood, all of which come together harmoniously to provide a sense of luxurious simplicity throughout the space.
The furnishings follow the same aesthetics with earth and grey tones, allowing the natural beauty of the stunning location to take a starring role. The history of Crete and its ancient civilization are to be seen through the carefully curated works of art which adorn the interior of this exquisite property.

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apk architects / Alexia Anastasopoulou – Maria Kyriazi