Galaxy bar Hilton


The recent project to renovate the Galaxy Bar in the Athens Hilton was undertaken by architect Alexandros Tombazis and his Associates. The purpose was to upgrade the interior and terrace areas in a more contemporary style, creating a smoother transition between the two spaces as well as redesigning and installing an improved lighting system, particularly in the bar area, thus establishing a new ambience for the venue.

The main challenge of the project was that the work had to be carried out in conjunction with the day to day running of the bar. In addition, a deadline was in force due to the obligations of the Hotel. This was done by erecting a bar on the terrace with views of the Acropolis. This will remain a permanent feature for the smoking patrons. The terrace area has been redecorated with illuminated pots containing olive trees and white pebbles and plans are in place to replace the furnishings, renewing the character of the terrace.

The concept of the interior was Outer Space, in line with the name of the venue and so a lighting system was installed resembling planets and heavenly bodies with a play on constantly changing degrees of lights connected to a Light-Jockey system. An improved DJ table was installed, adjustable to serve any event according to the needs of the occasion. The serving counter of the bar was modernized to facilitate more efficient service and a mirror spanning the bar area offers a rear view of the Acropolis to whoever is seated at the bar.