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Yabu Pushelberg’s Naviglio collection is composed of a curved, linear, chaise longue and ottoman elements that together express a visual dialogue between structure and form. The synthesis is the project’s essence and starts from its name. Watercourses are places of meeting and confluence, a synthesis of trade and leisure, human intervention and contact with nature. This was the starting point for the designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg for their first partnership with B&B Italia. In the Canadian designers’ vision, the seating base is a riverbed that defines the space to accommodate a backrest/armrest which is as sinuous as a watercourse.

As a piece of a puzzle, the B&B Italia team has ergonomically designed each shape to achieve a single cohesive unit. The backrest section and the seating shapes reveal a delicate balance between polygons and curved shapes, where geometry becomes softness and rigour blends with comfort. The backrest originates from a round shape, but it is actually an irregular polygon with rounded edges – both an amazing and reassuring detail. The upholstery of the different elements is made of differentiated density polyurethane to cosily embrace the body and ensure the most appropriate support. The choice was dictated by the object’s nature – a sofa designed without seat cushions. Naviglio’s upholstery range, including a new bouclé with a uniform base and multicoloured flames that recall the dynamism of action painting and impressionistic colour combinations.

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