Furniture design normally requires a choice between subtle and characteristic. But what if you want both? Our solution to this comes from our own architectural research: In our work as architects we often have to place furniture and other design objects in rooms and spaces. And one of the re- occurring challenges is to match the geometry of the room with the expression of the object. An interesting fact is that round or circular shaped objects generally do not interfere with the linearity of walls and floors, while square objects – like a square ottoman – have to be placed exactly in line with the walls. Or else it will always be out of sync with the rest of the room, causing an ”untidy” look. But the perfect circle is a generic geometrical shape and does not provide enough characteristic. Instead – in our research – we have found that the pentagon is the best shape to combine a certain geometrical integrity without having to adapt to the surrounding order. In other words: It has a distinct shape. But it can be placed however is desired and it will always look well positioned. To perfect the shape-function we have rounded the pentagon (sides and corners) in our own way. In the ottoman, the shape is also a transformation from a circle to the rounded pentagon. So that the Penta ottoman is both subtle and characteristic. Base in wood. Upholstery shaped polyurethane with differentiated density. Feet or wheels black color.


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