We're a new brand but we're not new

DIABLA is a new GANDIABLASCO brand. We have the backing of this prestigious Spanish firm with close to eight decades of experience in the domestic and international contemporary design market.

GANDIABLASCO is acclaimed across the world for being a pioneering, cutting-edge company that has taken outdoor furniture design to a new level and come up with novel textile solutions with its second brand: GAN. At Diabla we share the same philosophy of our sister brands, taking a fresh look at everything, standing out from the rest with a style that's more free and easy, casual, bold and cosmopolitan.

Our collections are developed with the support of resources and knowledge accumulated by GANDIABLASCO on design, production and business development culture. To lead this new challenge we're relying on architect Sara Romero, founding partner of the Romero Vallejo studio and someone who has been working with us for years.

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