V’ammos Restaurant


Located inside the Karaiskaki stadium, Athens, the home ground of the legendary Olympiacos football club, V’ammos is a far cry from the ‘sports bar’ one would expect to find in such a space. In fact, the innovative design by the Athens based practice of LMArchitects, would hold its own against many VIP eateries in top class stadiums worldwide.

The 300 sq.m. restaurant, is defined by the undulating cell like shapes of the low white ceiling which mirrors the water on which the stadium is built and its proximity to the Saronic Gulf. The long bar in the restaurant is created from the repetitive pattern of 300 cooking pots, the theme of which continues through to the restrooms where the wash basins take the shape of large pans.

The white tables and chairs are positioned along the picture windows which offer a spectacular view of the football pitch. Towards the rear of the space, special dining options are available in the private booths separated by sheer curtains, offering an opportunity to enjoy the food without the distraction of the sport.