Driade was born in '68, in the same period as the trends that would have characterized the twentieth century: both the rigor of geometric and rational design and , on the other hand, the recovery of pop art and its influence on pop and radical design. Today, the "design landscape" is quite different, permeated as it is by the globalization and all- embracing digitization.
Everything aims to build an atmosphere of subtle aestheticism, in which the rational geometric structures, such as wall shelves made of wood or metal, can coexist with furnishings that have marked the last decades of design: from "Melaina" by Bonetto to "Due Cavalli" by De Pas, D'Urbino, Lomazzi, from the projects by Antonia Astori, Nanda Vigo, Enzo Mari, Philipe Starck, Oscar Tusquets, Borek Sipek, Tokjujn Yoshioka, Kazuyo Sejima, Ron Arad and many others, which have gone through more than forty years, up to artists such as the Chinese Xie Dong and the Indian Mann Singh.

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