Arcade Murano


Since its inception in 1990 ARCADE’s history has been punctuated by encounters: between the founder Ivan Baj and numerous glass masters, between water and sand , sea and earth, fresh and brackish waters, between matter and steam, form and color. Immersed in unexpected contexts or resurfaced from familiar places, these encounters have throughout the time, given birth to collections of vases and recollections frozen in glass. That of ARCADE has always been a sensory journey, sight and touch being at its core. Every vase possesses a poetic potential, if only it is envisaged as a fusion of sand and human blow.

ARCADE is experimentation, amalgam of malleable materials. Excavated waves, air, earth and plants. Subtraction of details. ARCADE is a constellation of sharp postherds and chromatic undertows. Every collection is a journey, every object a recollection of encounters.