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Nooch is a system that offers the possibility of creating infinite combinations from two base modules: a rectangular one and a square one. Both can be equipped with backrests and armrests and have an aluminium top with slats on which the cushions rest. The modules can be arranged as free-standing units or attached firmly together by means of special interlocking joints so as to create a variety of configurations. A series of additional top sections, to be inserted between the elements, offers even greater compositional freedom. The paddings are designed with sustainability in mind. They use regenerated materials, which are completely separable, and consist of two layers of polyurethane with different densities and firmness: one layer made of polyurethane recycled from production waste and one made of virgin bio-polyurethane, both wrapped in an outer sheath of recycled PET. The system is completed by a small round service element to be inserted between the cushions to offer further support and a particular backrest/armrest cushion to be inserted between the elements to create inverted and double-sided seats.

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