Miya is a typical name from the Japan of a famous samurai. A name chosen for the desire to design a collection of tables that would depict and take inspiration from the armor worn by ancient samurais. Design is basically the result of signs translating and producing surprise and enchantment, an intuition which through development and growth transforms into something unique and sublime. The initial idea, in fact, confronted itself with materials, simplifications and balances, turning into something completely different, probably resembling a flower more than the armor of a warrior. Thus, was born Miya, a sculptural coffee table to be composed in a magical game of juxtapositions. A large transparent glass barrel houses a coloured blown glass structure and an interlocking top made of an extra light crystal plate coupled with coating in the center. There are various combinations giving the object different images, from cobalt blue to emerald green, in a game of total transparencies and vivid shades of colour.Available in two sizes and heights, Miya expresses all Elena Salmistraro’s creative charge of respecting the use of materials combined with a skillful constructive know-how. A service table but above all a main character of the dwelling environment suitable for the most diverse architectural contexts.

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