with Fendi Casa


In the new Fendi Casa line, beauty finds its purpose in objects with the highest craftsmanship. This is our idea of interior design: elegant and light, classic yet innovative. Fendi Casa stems from the aspiration to imbue every place, near or far, with the authentic, creative and innovative spirit that has made Fendi. The new joint venture between the Roman maison and Design Holding, the world’s leading high-end design group, represents a turning point in the evolution of the Fendi Casa world. Home, for Fendi, is the perfect setting where aesthetics meet emotion. A place – both physical and spiritual – to which you aspire to return. The new Fendi Casa collection reflects and amplifies the distinctive codes of the Maison: the arches of Fendi HQ Palazzo della CiviltĂ  Italiana, the FF and Karligraphy logos, Pequin stripes and meticulous tailoring. Silvia Venturini Fendi has sought out some of the most visionary talents of our time to reinterpret the very essence of the maison, transforming it into highly innovative furnishings. Every creation contains traces of a heritage that has always fused fashion, architecture, craftsmanship and design. Creating beauty is a work of art. Everything starts with the material, which contains infinite possibilities: the task of the artisan is to mould it until it acquires a soul. The objects in the Fendi Casa Collection are created starting from an idea that takes shape, a vision that is transformed into a unique piece designed to last. The key is in the details: weaves, inlays, reliefs, original pairings of materials and meticulous hand stitching are the very essence of Fendi, in fashion and design.